Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Love the garage door!
But was disappointed with how the size of the porch turned out to be.
We're hoping it would look better after it's been painted.
And oh.. that's the actual colour of the main door.

Looks like we've got the tiles on the wet areas.

Inspection (lock-up stage)

Was rushing through this inspection coz I was still going to work after that.
My bad. I felt like I didn't get to scrutinize details... though there's not much for me to scrutinize then.

This is the kitchen island bench. Too bad we shortened it from 3.8m to 3m.
And that's the painters' lunch boxes :

This is where the cooktop's gonna be.
This is the actual colour of the kitchen cabinets.
Love the handles. Too scared to have edgy handles.
Didn't want my kids to bump onto those edges (traumatized):

Laundry. Different cabinet colour.
Same as those in the ensuite & bathroom.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brickwork on the 14th week

Actually... I like how the bricks turned out in our facade. But...go render!

The garage has a roller-door as access to the pergola, another door access still to the pergola (I realized this is redundant!). Then access door towards the house:

13th week. Pre plaster almost done

Been very busy I didn't have the time to post the photos.
The building progress was too fast for me to post the latest photos (tee hee).
As of this writing, the photos you are about to see below were taken exactly a month ago.

master's bedroom looking towards the front lawn. sorry i don't have a wide-angle lens so this shot is not so pretty:


from the boundary of the living & meals area looking towards the kitchen. the hallway on the left leads to the other 3 bedrooms, laundry, and bath:

1.4m hallway looking towards the main door:

view from the family looking towards the meals area then continuing to the living area.
that's the kitchen on the left and the would-be sliding door of the pantry:

from the access door from garage looking towards the living, meals, and family rooms:

this shot was taken from the garage looking towards the meals area:

shot taken from the back of the block:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Brick it to me gently

This is Homestead Tan from Austral Bricks.
The mortar is rolled and has a natural color.
It should be whiter after it is washed.

Brickwork on garage.
I'm not fussed on how the brickwork in front looks like because this will be a rendered facade anyway.

To the left of the main door is the study.
And to the right is a part of the masters that could be a retreat area.

Masters bedroom

The brickwork to the right covers the ensuite

Double-glazed windows all throughout.
Too many windows and sliding doors here...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roof! Roof!

They've completed the roof tiles, colour is Monument.
We do not have the eaves, if we'd known we could've asked to add it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009